A little intro about us

Kalma-e-TayibaWe are Muslims and bear witness that ‘there is no god besides Allah, He alone is Allah, He has no partners and Muhammad(PBUH) is the messenger of Allah’. We do not idolise prophets, messengers, religious leaders/scholars or anyone else. Therefore, ‘Praise be to Allah and peace be upon His servants whom He chose’ (adapted from 27:59.).

The sole purpose of this website is to educate Muslims about the supernatural phenomenons and creatures created by Allah. Many Muslims deviate from the core Islamic values only because of the lack of understanding about the spirituality in Islam. We are a small group of Muslim men and women from all over the world curious and interested about the subject of spirituality and its place in Islam. What is the popular meaning of Islamic spirituality and what does it actually mean. How spirituality is explained in Quran and how Sahaba understood it from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

If you have any question along the lines of following topics; Inshallah, you will have all your questions answered, after you go through the content of this website, especially in the video section.

  • What are the Fundamentals of Islam?
  • What is “Spiritualism, Sufism or Mysticism” (Roohaniat, Tasawuf etc.)?
  • What is “Exorcism” (Taking away the affects of Magic or Possession)?
  • What are “Amaliyaat”, a type of Zikar of some of Allah’s name, Surah(s) or Ayah(s) from Quran (Except what has been prescribed in Quran and Sunnah)?
  • What is “Rukiya” (Which later took the form of Amulets and stuff)?
  • What is “Evil Eye” (Nazar)?
  • What are the solutions to our common problems?

We believe that one’s faith gets stronger in Allah as his/her knowledge increases about the Deen. So to improve our and your knowledge we strive to carefully scan the Islamic material existing on world-wide web. After we are satisfied with the source of the material and the material itself, e.g. video, audio or an article, we simply publish it over here. We are also in need of your feedback about our content to help us make this site even more authentic.